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Minister (continued)


Dr. Jonas Gadson, DTM  known as "Mr. Enthusiastic"

Minister-Evangelist of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Jonas Gadson was born on St. Helena Island near Beaufort, South Carolina, not far from Hilton Head Island.  As a young man, he moved to Rochester, NY where he was introduced to the Gospel by Brother Carl King.  He then obeyed the Gospel and studied under the ministry of the late Brother Edgar D. Brown for ten years until Brother Brown's death in 1984. Minister Brown was a pioneer who planted the Lord's Church in the African-American community in Rochester, NY.  As Brother Gadson developed his ministry, he set a standard for teaching evangelism in the Churches of Christ in Rochester where for 20 years he taught other Christians how to teach the lost.  This resulted in the development of ministers who are actively ministering in the Church today, bringing the lost to Christ, and helping Christians strengthen their relationship with God.

Over the 40 years that Brother Gadson has been a member of the Lord's Church, this servant and soldier for Christ has personally baptized over 1,000 people around the country and taught even more through his "educational, inspirational and motivational" preaching and teaching style. His is a preaching style that touches "the head, the heart, and the hands" where he has transformed the lives of tens of thousands of people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He works diligently to make a positive difference and not merely just a dent in the lives of people.  His motto is "Each One,  Reach One, Teach One, and Keep One."

When Brother Gadson is called in by ministers and church leaders of congregations that are struggling, stagnant and stuck, he builds the congregation by showing them how to put into action his principle of the 3 E's: Edify, Equip, and Evangelize.  His love for God, commitment, and dedication gives him the ability to travel to far-away places in the US where there is no Church of Christ.  He has led campaigns, gospel meetings, soul-winning workshops and tent meetings preaching 21 days in a row, speaking, counseling, coaching, teaching and door-knocking by day, and preaching again nightly! During 2004, he has done this during campaigns in Lane, Andrews, Georgetown and Columbia, South Carolina and in Wilmington, Delaware. Brother Gadson has the desire and ability to do this because he knows that "he can do all things through Christ which strengthens him (Philippians 4:13).

He has been called on by fellow ministers to motivate congregations to build and evangelize in large numbers. God used him in a mighty way with other ministers in leading the 2003 Syracuse Gospel Campaign where 55 souls were baptized into Christ and numerous members rededicated their lives and the Church was strengthened!  In August 2004, Brother Gadson was a leader and catalyst in establishing the tone and paving the way for the first ever gospel meeting of its kind in Boston, MA. 

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